Monday, February 21, 2011

Canopy, continued

I realize that my second overly enthused response to Canopy may be a bit too soon but, this time I was able to eat indoors and what I saw thrilled me. 

The soft greens, natural light, clean lines, wooden surfaces...whoever designed the theme did a great job bringing the outdoors indoors.

How I missed the suspended wooden structure the first time I walked in is beyond me. It's one of the neatest parts of the place!

The actual entrees weren't culinary superstars but, the banana bread pudding (with vanilla ice cream & caramelized bananas) had me tempted to ask for a second helping...

Lovely conversation with one of my favorite people during my favorite part of the day. To many more book dates, please! I'll keep my eye (and stomach) open for fun places.


Becca said...

Your phone takes amazing photos!!

It was great fun, D!

See you Saturday!

Francis said...

What about the chicken sandwich I had the other day we went? That was awesome!

Dahnya said...

Obviously you are not a loyal reader, Francis. I talked about it in a prior post, duh.

Becca said...

Ooooh, you got served. Haha.

Darla said...

mushroom pot-pie is yummm at canopy! agreed, love the simple, happy interior. a good combo of minimalism and warmth