Monday, March 7, 2011

Fugly day.

There was nothing out of the ordinary about today. 

The kids were great.
I managed to put in two different lessons, rather successfully. 
I scheduled an interview.
I stuck to my healthy lunch and didn't snack on anything naughty. 
I even took Doakes for a jog at 5 am.
I had a relatively good hair day. 
I wore my favorite cardigan.

So, what contributed to my fugly day? 

Tight ass pants.

Folks, it's bad. I am down to two, two, pairs of wearable pants. When I say wearable, all it means is that the buttons are closing. This does not mean that they look good. Quite the contrary. You know when you wear a loose top to try and camouflage the skin that is not supposed to flow over the band of your pants? Yup. That's my fashion nowadays. 

The worst part (or smartest...) is that I have no pants left to wear. I chucked all my pre-wedding size pants and refuse to buy new ones. But it's getting to the point where my skirts are completely relegated to their hanger and my dresses are starting to fray at the seams. 

My last two contenders. Forget my spring dress! At this moment the goal is to have them snap, with breathing room, by the Monday we get back from spring break. If not, I'll be fired for flashing my bum to innocent children when the rear seams admit defeat.

Agh! I know what I need to do but, today, I am simply venting. 

1 comment:

Leila! said...

I totally know what you are feeling.
I am trying to get myself back on track because I am sick of wearing the same 2 pants because they are the only two that have enough room for my expanding waistline....