Sunday, March 6, 2011

Double failure.

Sunday, aka pancake day, I woke up eager to attempt a new recipe. I put on some tunes, popped open the windows and began arranging the ingredients for cinnamon pancakes

That's right, Bisquick is the only way.

Before long, the batter was ready and things were sizzling. 
and, burning.

I'm not quite sure what my deal was but, not only did the pancakes burn (three different times) I also forgot to add milk into the mix! Did I also mention the part where I read through the directions without realizing that the cinnamon glaze was to be piped into the pancake? Yeah, I just went ahead and dumped the entire brown sugar-cinnamon mix with my Bisquick and egg. 

One would think a burnt, milk-less, sugary stack of crap would taste like, well, crap. But, surprisingly enough: it was delicious.

Hello, cinnamon bread. 

Tune in next week when I will attempt to actually be a diligent cook. 

In other news, my Sunday weigh in? Obviously wannabe cinnamon pancakes are not conducive to losing weight. I gained an inch on my ass and only ran once this week. 

In my defense, every day last week was special. Tuesday was the TAKS test, Wednesday was a phone interview (followed by its counterpart the next day and Friday). Lots of stress equal lots of snoozing for me. But tomorrow I commence with a blank slate. Spring dress, I'm coming!


Delena said...

Yay!!! Well I think you look great but I am glad you're keeping it up, we all have set backs, trust me we do but as long as we start anew and keep moving forward we succeed, look at me you can add me as your list of Oprah Motivators! And yeah those pancakes sound yummy the best food is when you don't follow the recipe.

Heidi said...

I agree. I think you look great already!

However... here are some ideas for picking up food because of a busy schedule:

1. Snap Kitchen on Kirby and Richmond. BEST PLACE EVER! Smallest meal costs about $6 and I never eat it all!

2. HEB has REALLY good Orange plates with a protein and two sides. I get veggies!

3. My Fit Foods or True Meals...

Lots of options!!! Keep it up! We all have off weeks! Let me know if you need anything!