Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beehives & doo wops.

Say hello to my latest musical obesession, The Ronettes, the "first bad girls of rock and roll". 

Apparently tight skirts, a heavy hand with eyeliner and saying "I love you" in your lyrics had you pegged as a rebel back in the 60s. Who knew? 

I have been going through a Motown nostalgia and thanks to Pandora, the Ronettes came into my life. The funny thing is that not long after I started humming "Be my baby" every day, my little sister shrieked with excitement because they are one of her favorites too. Small coincidences, in a small world. 

Neat tidbit: the Beach Boys, Don't Worry Baby (one of my top 10 songs of all time) was inspired because of the Ronettes! I need to get my karoke on, soon. 

Doo wop bop! 


Oscar el Mexicano said...

Didn't know your taste for music of the 60's! awesome!

Leila! said...

Dahnya! I've always loved that song! Had no idea of their "reputation"!

Delena said...

Nancy Sinatra, Dusty Springfield, Wanda Jackson, The Shirelles!!!!!!!!, Martha and the Vandellas, I love them all and The Ronettes ever since I heard their music on Dirty Dancing, I am not ashamed!