Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Rather than a still shot, I thought I would share some of my future divas on live camera: 

Fun fact: GL, the singer in the first video, is ML's twin ("one dollar" girl) in the second video. 

It's amazing the lessons you remember as a kid. The commercial idea came about thanks to Judy Blume and Ms. Rowley, my 4th grade reading teacher. I remember creating the same commercial except that I took the "don't be a nerd! drink Juicy-O!". After which, one of my team members twirled and instantly became "cool". 

What comes around, goes around and Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing truly is timeless. Only two more days and we're off for the break. After which we're down to two months! 

Any school memories that I could bring back to the kids? I've got to keep them on their toes...

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