Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Day 2 of spring break has been...lazy. 

I mean lazy in the best, purest form of the word: wake up late, eat, shower, read, nap, eat again, walk the dog, watch a movie and then proceed to read once again. When I'm not reading (or napping), shopping has been known to occur.

The guilt factor is starting to weigh in just a tad. I created a list a few days before the break began with the intention of completing all 13 items but as of right now, two are looking highly likely while the rest may be pushed back for the summertime. 

Until then cheery scones and a light romantic romp seem like the perfect match!

By week's end, I may surprise myself and become productive. Maybe...


Heidi said...

Your "to-do" list is so much more fun than mine!

1. Read/outline Aquinas
2. Read/Outline Aristotle
3. Read/outline Kant
4. Read/outline Hume
5. Wash Car
6. Write resumes and cover letters
7. Send OUT resumes and cover letters


Leila! said...

Heidi -- what are you doing?? What is your to-do list about!?!

Dahnya -- (1) I love the title of your post ("Unchecked"). Cute!
(2) It's okay to rest up!
(3) How funny that you have "The Switch" as a picture up here. I was on a plane today, and the girl next to me was watching a movie on her iPad. I couldn't tell what movie the movie was, just that it had Jennifer Aniston in it. I have been VERY out-of-it and I have no idea what movies are out. Anyway, I meant to figure out which movie the chick on the plane was watching... but you just solved the mystery for me! Thanks!

Emily said...

your post reminds me, i need to see the switch! my sister has been raving about it to me. :)