Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The last straw.

That's it. I am taking to the internet, yet again, to chronicle my endeavor to get fit. Why? I submit evidence a:

These jeans were already my "fat jeans" since my previous jeans had also ripped a few months ago (*cringe*). Any other jeans I own that did not succumb to tearing thanks to my lardy thighs, are neatly stacked in the closet banished due to their constricting nature (or in some cases, flat out refusal to zip). Totally unacceptable! 

I can blame a million things: the kids, stress, eating out, laziness. The fact remains that all the hard work I put in for the wedding is slowly going kaput! It must stop now before I get back to the size I was pre-dress (12). Therefore, each Sunday I will be chronicling my progress. 

Yes you can see the shameful numbers in my journal. No judging, please! How do I hope to accomplish my goal size?

1. 20 minute morning jog/walk with Doakes at least 5 times a week (the time will increase with time but baby steps, people, baby steps)
2. Pre-cooking meals so I don't turn to Beaver's or Teoticlan for dinner every other night.
3. Pre-packing my lunch so I don't turn to the convenience store around the school for Lucky Charms and Takis.

I know that with these simple changes I will gradually shed pounds (and inches!) but I have to stick to it and not be a lazy butt. Each week I will add something new into the mix to try and shake things up.

And what better way to start my goal then the beginning of the month? Here goes everything!


Delena said...

That's what did it for me Dahnya, my fat jeans were toight and started busting at the seems. That and my doctor saying maybe you want to not head down a road that leads to heart disease and diabetes. If you want, I walk on Sunday Mornings with my cousin at White Oak Park at 9:00 am you are more then welcome to join us. I bring Pollie to walk with us so you should bring Doakes.

TempestBeauty said...

Just for the record... I think you are gorgeous. Your body is rockin' :D

And otherwise, good luck! I'm sure you can do it... not being lazy is harder than it seems, but being accountable (posting on your blog) helps so much!


Becca said...

You got this, D!!!!

Chili and spaghetti freeze very well for lunches and dinners!!! Frozen veggies are also amazing!