Monday, February 28, 2011

fevrier: favoris

Short but, sweet month. Thank you Mr. Groundhog for promising us an early spring!

My two boys. Going to the park with these two makes my day complete. Cheesy but, true.

I know the reason why I have not come closer to wearing my gray dress: Starbursts. I have them in the class all the time- to be used as bribery. Not only does it work, it's an instant high that I cannot give up. "One for you, three for me"...must change my mantra.

Outliers, a book I had purchased a few weeks prior to the arrival of the Kindle in my life. If you have a chance (and don't feel like reading the amazon blurb), listen to Gladwell's interview on NPR. 

By the way, I went back and picked up a pack of the chirpy book plates for myself. The future Gladwell's will be accessorized!

The pit boss sandwich at Beaver's. I had it 3 times this month alone. Unbelievably good. Don't believe me, just go and try it.

The winter freeze of the month brought out the crazy socks!

I hadn't driven by San Felipe in a few months and was pleasantly surprised the fun fonts on their buildings.

Thanks to this fabulous candle, Mildred's kitchen smells like my favorite store. I think Yankee Candle may become a thing of the past. 

My favorite Houston view? The merge between 45 and 59. It never fails to cheer me up with its twinkly lights.

Cool nights, cool friends. February definitely glowed!

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