Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Infer! Infer!

5 months, 7 field trips, tons of documentation and 64 hours of tutorials later: the day of true reckoning has arrived. 
Please note, David (far right) and his exuberance.

I am a nervous wreck. Tomorrow is the TAKS reading test for my kids. THE test that determines whether or not they continue onto the 5th grade. It's a huge burden for a 9 year old to bear. Especially when you take into account the shoddy circumstances they found themselves in last year and the beginning of this year.

I have done the best I possibly could, considering the limited time we had. I hope it was enough!

If nothing else,this goodie bag's purpose is to sweeten them up for what is a very long day of four long, boring stories along with a good amount of analytical thinking (otherwise known as inferring). Was being a kid this hard when we were 9? Sheesh.

It goes without saying that tomorrow the G teach will be sugared up on the left over Twix bars. Self control, be damned.


Oscar el Mexicano said...

Pandi: Am I wrong to believe that you treat your students like your children? I am sure they will do just great, and make everyone proud of your hard work and exemplary teaching!

Hugs, blessings, love

Darla said...

dahnya, i wish i'd had a teacher like you when i was growing up! no matter how they do, they're blessed to have had a mentor like you during their most formative years!

blessings and best wishes to the kids!


Francis said...

I second what Darla said.

They are gonna do fine.

Emily said...

belated best wishes! i'm sure they did great! :)