Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royally obsessed.

Yup. I fell into one of the 3 billion people that became fascinated with the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton (now Duchess Catherine of Cambridge). But, it makes sense. 

a. I love all things wedding related.
b. I had a royal crush on Prince William back when I was 14 (remember the YM cover back in 8th grade?)
c. I tend to get caught up in the latest sensation of the moment (I'm easily influenced).
Grace, beauty, joy, love. LOVE.

My only complaint? The US of A could have used the day off to recuperate from the early morning shindig

But, to take it one step further...while perusing pictures of the couple departing for their honeymoon (or wherever), please take note of HRH Kate's shoes. 

Which leads me to my royal obsession: finding Kate's espadrilles for myself. As of today, all I have located are a pair of Steve Madden knock offs. Jessica Simpson also has a pair (patent and open-toed).

They seem quite high, though. Would they be at all comfortable? Or, am I getting caught up in the royal fever? They just seem like a great summer must! 

If you find yourself trying on a pair, please let a girl know. 

PS: I am still on the hunt for my gold flats, fyi.


Heidi said...

I used to have such a crush on Prince William, I was laughing over that picture you found (he definitely looks much different now!) I didn't think I would get that caught up in the wedding, but once I started watching I was sucked in and I loved every single minute!

Heidi said...

haha I STILL have a crush on Prince William! I am STILL watching re-runs of the wedding. Her dress was GORGEOUS!!!

Kim said...

Saw this and thought of you lol :)