Sunday, May 1, 2011

avril: favoris

It was definitely a busy, busy month. It consisted of 6 day work weeks, the TAKS, birthdays and celebrations galore! Including the menu of menus with one of my favorite people- unfortunately, the pictures documenting the event (along with Claud's birthday) were lost when I synced my new phone. Does anyone know how I could ever recuperate the pictorial memories?!

Along with instagram, I am hooked to words with friends. The dictionary has become my new best friend. Although, quite honestly, I have lost almost every game.

My little, stinky, furry Bimbo! He's still as dapper as ever. Even with a dozen years on him.

Mildred has some wacky neighbors. A quirky sighting on my way to pilates. 

Where has the time gone?! Yearbooks were distributed this month. In my book, school is almost finito (5 more weeks!).

TQLA night with a gang of hilarious ladies! If you have not gone. GO. The green salsa is one of a kind. It's sweet pineapple (or mango?) with a kick! 

May is going to be a welcome break. Summertime, here we come! Hopefully Beach Church will start taking over Brunch Sunday...


Heidi said...

Such a fun month! I'm so excited for you to be off this summer- so many fun lunch places I have discovered!!

Emily said...

What's your Words with Friends name? I am hooked to that game too!

Dahnya said...

Em, my username is: Dahnya. Warning: I suck.