Monday, May 2, 2011

Feliz dia del niño!

In Mexico we have a bajilion celebrations. Day of the Virgin Mary, day of the dead, los reyes magos (all king's day), mother's day (May 10th), dia del grito (independence)...the list goes on and on. Each ocassion warrants a party. And gifts. If we were actually in Mexico, more than likely it would involve alchohol as well.   

Saturday, April 30th was "el dia del niño" (children's day). Granted, my siblings and I are a few (okay, many) years over the childhood cut-off date but, let's face the facts: we are kids at heart. After all, the three of us (including our significant others) are all obsessed with toys and various cartoons at our ripe old age. 

This, of course, makes my mother very happy and only too willing to go the extra mile to celebrate the day. So, here's a sneak peek at our day (minus poor Fran, who had to work) hopefully next year he and you will adopt the holiday and celebrate with us!   

En route with my canine companion

234 eggs awaiting the hunt!

2011 twist: money was involved (including Andrew Jackson's!)

Dahnya-designated egg. Cutie!


Teeny easter eggs.

Kids at heart.

Furry little rabbit.

Until next year... 

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