Sunday, April 3, 2011

Love fest.

Lately, I have been on a "happy-ending-cheesy-chick-flick" bender. It's been a little worse than usual, poor Fran. But, since I am married to the biggest teddy bear in the world, his moaning & groaning soon tapers off the moment he too becomes engrossed with the love stories I love to watch. 

If you are in the mood for some Blockbuster (or Netflix/Redbox) action, here are three to tide you over:

1. Life as we know it
No lie, it took about four trips to the movie store for me to finally find it on the shelves. By the time I found it, I was worried I had set my expectations too high and it would suck. Wrong! It had me laughing, crying and sighing with happiness by the time the rolling credits rolled. Also, Josh in tighty-whities? Not to be a cliche but, OMG! Fergie is one lucky lady (adulterous rumors be damned). 

2. The Switch
By now, you know I am a huge Jen Aniston fan which may make my recommendation of The Switch slightly biased. But this is not a Rachel movie. It is not a Jason Bateman movie. It is all about the sweet little boy. I fell in love with him and his big, lovable brown eyes. The chemistry between him and Jason is beyond adorable. If you can get past the hurried ending (or at least it seemed that way to me), you too will be squealing with utter delight anytime Sebastian is on the screen. 

3. Love & Other Drugs

Gotta admit, I was not too keen on watching Jake and Anne- that's saying a lot, considering I love both of them.The story line did not have me rushing to the theatres (blame the prude in me). But, two hours later, I was converted. Beware: there is a lot of the 3 b's (bare bosoms and butts) but, believe you me, Jake's butt is something to behold along with his baby blues. I kept bracing myself for the saddest of endings but other than a slew of happy tears and laughs I found myself falling in love with the film (even with the plethora of steamy sex scenes). 

And now back to my Liz Lemon fest. Thank you, Netflix!


Delena said...

If you like 30 rock you need to check out Parks and Recreation because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Amy Poehler its slow in the first season but the second season gets better and better, and I love Aziz Anzari LOVE HIM!!!! I love netflix, I am rediscovering Scrubs all over again!

Francis said...

Life as we Know it was fucking terrible! Let me say it again terrible.

With The Switch I learned my lesson and fled the house (I'm sorry Doakes you were on your own for that one).

Love & and other Drugs I secretly enjoyed. It is highly possible that I even shed a tear.

Leila! said...

I am definitely going to check out #2 and #3.
Already saw #1 (LOVED it!)