Monday, April 4, 2011

mars: favoris

Lately, every time the end of the month rolls around I feel as if I'm only beginning to get my bearings. I hope my sanity returns by the end of April (aka, no more TAKS).

Sgt. Doakes and his sweet gaze. I melt anytime he looks at me with those "love me, please" puppy eyes.

My kindle and romance novels are a lethal combination. In all seriousness, I have read 17 books in the past two months. Can you say addicted? If you're in the market for a steamy romance- hit me for a recommendation. 

The Garcia's. Woke up early, brought bubbles and donuts to spend a full day with me & my students at the park. 

Liz Lemon & co. are the kings of comedy in my book at the moment. I cannot wait to get further into the seasons, a little bird told me Matt Damon makes a multi-guest arc. 

(If you were a Will & Grace fan, was his guest appearance not one of the show's most hilarious story lines ever? I beg you to differ.)

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