Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brag book, volume 2

With Fran's thesis show at the end of the month fellow artiste extraordinaire, Debra, stopped by for a studio visit with Fran. What was really cool- she made an actual post (with pictures) of Fran's projects. 

I found it fascinating to read about my husband's work through someone else's eyes. What he bounces off on my untrained mind on a daily basis becomes infinitely richer and deeper when seen through the lens of another. This is also a great follow up (and explanation) to the infamous pig roast that took place a few weeks back...

Is it wrong that I puffed up a bit when I saw Deb's shout out to me at the end? Go me! Kidding, but seriously, Doakes really did almost try to eat us. He's going through a bit of a chomping stage, folks. It's led to me becoming ninja warrior on him to prove who is truly Alpa. 

But, because he's so darn cute I have a hard time holding a grudge against my chompy chomperson (so much more on that later).


TempestBeauty said...

VERY cool work, Fran!

Is Doakes teething right now? Wonder if it's as terrible for pups as it is for babes.

And I have to ask... because I must have missed the train somewhere? But is Doakes named after Doakes from Dexter??

Dahnya said...

Yes, Mandy! He was named after our favorite Dexter character, Sgt. James Doakes. Bull-headed to the very end...

Francis said...

What do you mean "actual post?"

Yeah, Deb is way better at talking about my stuff than me.

Disclaimer: Doakes is only "chopy" if you don't do anything about it. He tried to "eat" everyone because your jovial saunter doesn't really get all his energy out :)