Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scent & Sensibility

While out running errands the other day, I stopped by Garden Center- hoping to walk away with a kill-proof plant that I could plop down for a splash of spring. With bright azaleas overtaking my neighbors gardens, I'm starting to get a bit of gardening envy when I spy our naked lawn. 

The moment I stepped out of my car a soft, tangy aroma began to overpower my senses. Jasmines. Instantly I was transported back to spring of 2005. 

Back when I was living in Guinan the jasmine wrapped around the fence enveloped the entire block in its perfume. I remember banging out of my first floor dorm (since I always lost my key) and rushing to class (since I always overslept) but stopping to sniff what soon came to be my favorite plant. 

But the true importance of the flower? Our first date, March 9th, had Fran and I meeting outside Guinan. To this day, I cannot recall the movie or dinner we shared but the moment the essence of jasmine hits me, I instantly see the look in Fran's eye and feel the butterflies bouncing within me that evening (cue the sap). 

Landing back on earth (or Garden Center's parking lot), I quickly walked over to the jasmine plants knowing I had found my winning pot- I was so excited! Here I was about to take a happy memory home to Mildred and show my neighbors that I, too could be a responsible gardener. As I pranced and sniffed my way to the flowers, my gardening dreams soon poofed into dust the moment I spotted the $149 price tag on its limbs. 

Did anyone else know plants were so g.d. expensive?! As I ran the figure through my head and cross referenced it with our bank account, I knew there was no way I could justify my love for the plant with its expense. Especially with my plant mortality record. Dejected, I took one more big whiff from its velvety petals and walked away empty handed. 

For the record, I did glance around their selection but nothing smelled or looked quite as good as my jasmine tree. Even the wide array of bluebonnets failed to tempt me. But that's probably due more to the fact that I can drive out to any field nowadays and pick them. For free. Albeit illegally...

Mildred will just have to adjust to her naked garden status for now. Something else is sure to pop up!


Ana Paula said...

I get the same nostalgic feeling when I smell Jasmine! Matt and I started dating when jasmine was in full bloom.

Emily said...

aww, what a sweet story!

will's dad has a night blooming jasmine that i might be able to steal a shoot from for you to plant in your yard. it's a little different than the guinan jasmine, but still has that lovely jasmine smell. i'll talk to him and let you know! :)

Heidi said...

I love jasmine too! My dad has them growing over the patio in my parents backyard, and it's amazing!