Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pretty lil' things.

What makes a perfect spring day in the life of a teacher? Off-campus training that lets you off the hook, early! I took full advantage of the two hours of freedom and diligently ran errands that had been awaiting me (sort of, not really). But with my new prescription of contact lenses conveniently waiting for me next to anthro, I stopped by to window shop and found myself wishing for a bigger paycheck. Although, realistically, this seems to be the song & dance we play, anthro & I. 

Bling for my mane.


The new initial mugs. Wouldn't they make for great centerpieces?

Fran, be proud: I left empty handed. But all three are on my hit list. Too bad my birthday isn't for another six months, zut.


Emily said...

aah! new initial mugs! i need to go check those out!

Heidi said...

I love the sailboats! Oh, this definitely makes me want to make an anthro run (just for the window-shopping of course!)

Darla said...

i've often been an anthro-tease-victim myself. :( i want their little table/window setting in the worst way. pretty much in the middle of my living room will do, hehe.