Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dippin' into Diptic!

Want to see my newest after school time warp? Diptic. I had noticed that instagram peeps were managing to load multiple pictures in one setting, which of course intrigued me. After digging around (thanks Kelly!) turns out that for a buck ninety nine, you too can upload multiple pictures into one. Nothing but love on my mind:

Morning prep the day of the wedding. 

Gussied up.

He cleans up so good.

Lovelies in purple.

It's go time!


Honeyed Irish memories.

Go do it, you'll love it. And, maybe, stay up until 2am on a weeknight playing around with it too.

On a different note, it has me itching to get our wedding album bought and paid for. Donations gladly accepted! Kidding. Sort of...


Darla said...

amazing eye, dahnya! love the mini collages!

Emily said...

Ohmygod, this is amazing! I need to download it!