Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mildred inspirations

I stopped by Kate Spade & anthro the other day shopping for gifts. The layouts and presentations had me reaching to click away and eager to come back home ready to remodel.

Kate Spade stop: colors. The aqua wall with the pops of pink. It made me want to run home and put up the YHL wall (with what frames or pictures, I don't know still). 

Not going to lie. I am not such a big fan of the "classics". Not really interested in reading The Wind in the Willows (anyone care to endorse it?) or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (again, even though I did enjoy it in high school). However, the tangerine, aqua and lime colors have me dying to bring them into my bookshelf. The bird wallpaper in the back has me all aflutter, too! As far as anthro's current resgister wall: no words. Simply awe. 

It reminded me of the Heights Firehouse wall! 
Claudia looks so cute in this picture. Gen looks mad. Heidi & Chiara, working it! Me? Awkward. Wish we had taken more photo advantages with that end of the building...who wants to dress up and snap away? 

PS: Ms. S these are both examples of "gallery walls". Love you!


Emily said...

Kate Spade has the best pops of color! Please share if you create a gallery wall!

Darla said...

yes! kate spade's combos are equal parts preppy, fun, modern, and girly without being too put-together and matchy.

please do yourself a favor and hit up the KS outlet in san marcos for the cheapest (i promise, it's the only place i'll get a kate spade anything) and of-the-season bags/wallets.

can't wait for a mildred updated pic!

Becca said...

I think I get it...haha. Pretty colors!