Monday, May 23, 2011

Movie Monday (and other happenings)

This is my last Monday for the 2010-2011 school year and I am so very excited! It is to the point where my classroom is almost entirely empty. Textbooks have been collected and returned (don't ask me why), technology is due to be picked up this week and the kids (and I) have pretty much checked out mentally. I'm attempting to wrangle them into writing a book of their favorite 4th grade memories but it's taking a lot of understanding and patience on my end to get them to buckle down. Our highlight this week was definitely snatching 1st place (out of 13 classes) on field day. So...if nothing else we're on a roll for our winding down ceremonies.

This weekend I attended my first Dynamo match at Robinson Stadium. If you have not attended, you must! Not only are tickets budget friendly ($17 a pop) but the tailgating, the free samples beforehand, the dancing, the confetti, the hottie players, the non-stop action: it is dynamo fun! I'm definitely planning to head out more often this summer, who's with me?!


Also, in my eternal quest to rid my body of processed sugars and excess rolls, I have made a commitment with the farmer's market to shop in bulk there and there only. Seriously. I am making it a point to head to my grocery store only for the essentials (ie: paper goods, cleaning supplies, dairy products, nothing else) so that all else comes fresh (or as fresh as possible). It's my second week at the attempt and I am finding I feel lighter and energized by the change in diet. I highly recommend it. Besides, I love bartering for goods and the experience has me feeling like I'm back in Mexico (cleaner version).

I spent $12 on groceries. You cannot beat that.

And to the purpose of today's post: How do you know. Paul Rudd. Jack Nicholson. Reese Witherspoon. The director of As good as it gets (one of my top 5 favorite movies, ever). It seemed like a quadruple win to me but, it was Not bad. Not great. Just, sweet? I don't know what was missing but, maybe it was the not so sparkly love story between Rudd & Witherspoon- or the annoying Wilson sibling. If it comes onto Netflix stream, catch it on a rainy Saturday. Or, better yet, watch their original movie together Overnight Delivery (one of my high school favorites).

Meanwhile, Doaksie and I continue our Japan countdown: 10 more days and our Francis returns!
Doakes, one forlorn puppy without his favorite playmate.


Emily said...

Which farmer's market do you frequent? And do you find it expensive? I fear the organic section at HEB...

Dahnya said...

It's the farmer's market on Airline (across the street from el Bolillo). I don't know if it's organic...I'm sure if you walk through you may find some stuff. Otherwise I highly recommend it! Just not on a Sunday afternoon. Get there early. It gets super crowded!