Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mushy romance!

Last night I took Doakes for his evening walk and happened to stumble upon a redbox, three blocks from Mildred! How had I not found this before?! Eagerly I scanned through the new releases and came home with No stings attached. Yeah, I'm not normally an Ashton or Natalie fan and it could have been my low expectations but I loved it. 

It has everything you want in a chick flick! Sweet, kind guy who falls deeply in love with the reluctant girl set to a great soundtrack. There was even a Sixteen Candles-waiting-arms-crossed-in-front-of-the-car shot. I always write Ashton off as a doofus (blame Punk'd & his stint as Kelso) but now that I think about it, if you watched Valentine's Day he was just as loveable as this one. Except his character is consistently on screen and not every other 20 minutes.

So, girls, if you are in need of some mushiness of the heart. Watch this one. It's worth it. If nothing else, it'll get you geared up for JT's, Friends with benefits!

Bluegrass Jay-Z? Ignore the creepy video. But take a listen, fun.

PS: The cast includes Kevin Kline (hadn't seen him for a while), Cary Elwes (Princess Bride, anyone), Ludi!crous (can't remember his serious name) and Kelly from the Office. 

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Nicole said...

I have been eye-balling that movie in my onDemand selection for a while now.....you have just made up my mind- ORDER!!!!

:) :) :)