Monday, May 30, 2011

may faves

May came and went in a heartbeat it seems like. 

I realize I sound like a broken record in regards to instagram but, it is because of that app that I discovered diptic ($1.99, worth it). My multiple attempts for a Cinco de mayo portrait. My kids make for great (aka patient) photographers. Don't stress, it was during recess.

Chobani yogurt. It's been years since Fran has been attempting to cajole me into trying one but, I continually resisted. Funnily enough, while he was in Japan, I walked the Target refrigerator aisle and spotted a mango Chobani. I was intrigued enough to pick up one in each of the new flavors. Two hours later, I was a believer! Great breakfast protein. Great snack. They are a bit pricey (a dollar plus a pop) but here's a way you can save 50 cents on your foray into their dairy-deliciousness!

Blue Valentine. I had been waiting to watch the Gosling-Williams movie ever since the preview. I'm telling you right now, it is not for everyone. It is extremely raw (aka the sex scenes are a bit  stark) and realistic (no happy ending). But the way it was filmed with the different cameras and flashbacks made it- excuse the cliche word- gripping. I couldn't look away. I needed to know what was going to happen or what that character was thinking. I cannot say it enough, it was amazingly real and stuck with me long after it was over. As always, a good movie can never stand without good music and this time was no exception. 

My Doaksie boy. Francis comes back Wednesday after a two week journey to Japan. Mildred has not been the same without Fran around but there was never a dull or lonely moment with my loyal companion with me. I was a little worried of what life would be like without Doakes' favorite playmate (Fran) but the two of us adjusted and protected one another. It was much needed bonding time on our twice daily jaunts outside. Including our first foray into the sudsy world of doggy bathing. He was not a happy camper, as you can see.

Last, but not least, expensive shampoo. I have never been a big believer in shelling out big bucks for hair products. It hurts to literally see it wash away! So, when Manny, the hair guru I love at the VC's Galleria, suggested I invest in their keratin infused shampoo and conditioner, I politely declined. Until the humidity came roaring in and my frizzies knew no limits. I plunked down my $20 (each) and have found that my hair has never been softer or more manageable. Thanks Manny-boy!

Oh, June. You have so very much in store. New job, new kids, new everything! But, most especially, it holds the one year anniversary of the greatest altering moment in my life up to now. Time flies when you're in love.

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Delena said...

I have a keratin conditioner and its FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! My friend Jodee is going to do the Brazilian blowout on me will let you know how it is. I am glad you were able to hang out with us Friday night and now you know cash only and they serve just beer at Alice's Tall Texan none of this fancy pale ales....