Sunday, June 5, 2011

8 weekends of summer, take 1.

First weekend of the summer and already things are looking hot!


A few weeks back as I was beyond flattered to be asked to join Agori Koritsi Productions writing team. Of course I said yes, not knowing how intimidating the rapid pace of the contest would be. With the allotted props, lines and characters in tow, Friday night had us brainstorming and typing into Cinderella's magic hour. Quickly followed by the early Saturday morning shooting at Mildred. I am so happy to have been a small part of such a funny, sweet, talented group!


The sweltering Houston sun was not enough to dampen the dancing and singing that took place this weekend. Thank goodness for floppy, goofy hats and ice cold sno cones. More about that: here.

In other news Brit Brit (with Nicki Minaj!!!) for a limited time is offering her tickets for half off


Becca said...

How cute are you in that hat??? Now that I have short hair I am on the hunt for an adorable summer hat such as that one! Ideas?

Anonymous said...

Your sno-cone picture is the adorable epitome of summer! :)

Will there be an opportunity to view the film online at some point?

Dahnya said...

Once it's officially submitted & screened, yes! Thank you, Avi!!!