Friday, May 6, 2011

Someone like Adele!

I realize I am more than a little late jumping onto the Adele bandwagon. In my defense, I don't listen to the radio (thank you Pandora & NPR). I don't have cable and I rarely like any of the Perez musical suggestions (yeah, that's right, this is where I glean all my Hollywood news). 

So, how exactly did Adele fall into my lap? You can blame Pandora fatigue (it happens). I turned the radio on and heard a fun, funky beat followed promptly by a gorgeous, raspy voice. It led to frenetic digging through my purse for my phone (road hazard!) so I could shazam! and bam: Adele rolled up

You know when you newly discover something (or someone) fascinating, it's like suddenly they are everywhere you look? Either your hyper aware or you are truly roped in that wagon. 

She's even popped up in my mailbox.

Between her voice, grace, cream & rose complexion (it's freakin' flawless), style, voice, non-stick figure...I am smitten. I found a video of her singing Someone like you (the ultimate 'cry your heart out in your room alone in the dark' break up song). There's snippets of her home: prepare yourself. It's lovely (and so british). 

The ornate headboard? Want it. The gallery wall? Need it. The beautiful gilded mirror? Adore it. Check it all out yourself.

Final dorky thought: wouldn't you love to have her be your friend? She seems like a good person to go out with and have girl talk with. Not to mention, ultimate karoke buddy!


Delena said...

On her album 21 she does a cover of the Cure's Lovesong and its beautiful..I heart her so much, I blast her on my ipod on the way home from work she soothes me.

Becca said...

She is so incredibly talented! Rolling in the Deep is beyond powerful. And this song is so moving. Her voice is sultry and draws you in.

I just want to BE in her presence!

Um...what's a gallery wall?

Delena said...

Heidi said...

I've heard of her, but never heard her music- off to pandora for me to check it out!