Saturday, June 11, 2011

33 hours.

It's always rough going through new-employee orientation. HR. Benefits. Email hand outs. Culture debriefings. Yada, yada. 

I'm not going to claim every hour of my 33 hours of training has been majestic- but, I will say this. Never have I walked out feeling so inspired. So motivated to go out and make a difference. One of the things I love the most are the parallels constantly being used with children's literature and movie clips to drive home the definition/example of a trait.

Cowabunga! Intense milkmaid greeter as I walked into orientation.

Think of a teacher. 
Think of one of the best books ever written. 
Make the connection? 
I'm telling you, the brains behind the program know how to light a fire (and get one misty-eyed).

3 days in, feeling ready to fulfill both.

 It will definitely be a bumpy ride but I now know that with the team formed and the road set is bound to be worth it. 


Ana Paula said...

So excited for you on this new adventure! It looks like you've found your niche and I'm sure the kids will feel very comfortable with you.
Cute outfit by the way!

Anonymous said...

The Giving Tree! Such a wonderful, poignant, tear-eliciting book. Glad to hear your new job/adventure is off to a great start -- and adorable (Anthro!) dress/outfit :)

Becca said...

Fabulous outfit!


Best of luck in keeping the nerves at bay...because you're stellar and that gigantic heart of yours has found its new home and it will make it the best home ever for your future kids!

Heidi said...

they have no idea what's coming their way - you're going to knock their socks off! :)

Darla said...

sheesh, dahnya, i bet all of your students have a crush on you. congrats on living so fully!

Emily said...

Love that book too! Super cute outfit/Anthro dress! :)