Monday, June 13, 2011

8 weekends of summer, take 2.

Folks, I am becoming a fattie. Seriously. I get the most insane, calorie-chocked filled cravings after the sun comes down. Nope, keep those bills in your pocket, it's not a baby-induced crave. It's just me. Being a fattie. 

For starters, I rediscovered Captain Crunch. Where had he been for the past few years?! So happy to you have back, Cappy. 
And yup, that's me. Happily crunching away in bed.

Then I stopped by Fiesta (who turns out on weekends does awesome Mexi-snack sampling) and munched my way through these bad boys, If you are a Takis fan, you will be a Flamas addict. It's a lighter chip, thereby taking away some of your guilt. 

Thanks to Paula Deen & the pineapple we had hanging out in the kitchen, Fran and I made pina coladas. Not going to lie, they were good but we've decided to add a lot more pineapple (er, rum) and less coconut cream to our creation next time. 

Finally, the best for last, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup chocolate milkshakes
No words needed. They rocked my world to the last slurp.

Hopefully yoga will pour out all the toxins I inhaled this past weekend, so that the pina colada recipe can be perfected. 


Francis said...

You and me both. Damn.

Becca said...

If you like pina coladas...and gettin' caught in the rain.

I wasn't a fan until my friend made me one and it was PERFECT! I needs to recreate it!

Sidenote, my word verification is "foosche". I think that's the coolest word to date! I'm going to make it a verb and use it in my daily conversational vocab...

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Hahahha! You are so funny! Captain crunch is gooooood though..I could definitely finish off a whole box by myself no biggie

Oscar el Mexicano said...

having that awesome Mexican't market around the corner try to substitute your calorie-rich snacks for something your body will appreciate more, such as mmm carrots? cucumbers? or maybe conchitas from the El Bolillo? no, I can't help it either.

Hugs, blessings.

Heidi said...

yum! the pina coladas and peanut butter milkshakes definitely gave me some cravings!!!

Ana Paula said...

Those Reese's peanut butter cups look amazing! Did you make them yourself?

Emily said...

This post is making me hungry. Cereal, shakes, and pina coladas; yum! Love the mason jars too. :)