Sunday, June 19, 2011

8 weekends of summer, take 3

This past week has consisted of me eating, breathing, living, sleeping KIPP. Why? To prepare for the 2 week summer session that begins tomorrow. It's been a whirlwind! Trainings, orientations, meetings, new people, new rules. My brain is overflowing. But. I think I'm ready.

You may want to hold on to your hats with all the excitement you're about to be subjected to! I mean it. You ready?

Please take a look at the transformation, it's like HGTV for teachers!

Earlier this week.

Later in the week.

Then finally, Saturday afternoon.

A big shout out goes to my hubs, if it weren't for his brawn and carpentry skills: this entire process would have taken even longer. So, thank you Fran! You are the best. For realz.

Now, enough procrastinating, I am supposed to be finishing my lesson plans for the week. My first day as a 2nd grade teacher is tomorrow. Yikes!

PS: No, the room is as of yet incomplete. Why? I'm moving to another room after July 1st. Any helpers care to volunteer? Please?!


Kim said...

Your room looks great!!! Good luck this week! Those are the luckiest 2nd graders in the city!

Emily said...

What a transformation! Good luck!