Monday, June 20, 2011

Perks of an educator

If you are reading this I am currently in my 2nd grade classroom attempting to manage 23 seven year olds. I'm not sure how this is going to go...

If nothing else preparing for the day has been fun.

Exhibit a:
Labeling is one of my favorite things about being a teacher (it's the little things, okay). So imagine my excitement when I connected these two names* after reading the class list. I will definitely be pushing a love connection! These two kiddos are destined to be with one another. Walt Disney says so.

Exhibit b:
Creating my mini-me paper sack example, Marc Jacob shoes included. Obviously I underestimated the proportions of my head to my giant body and I seem to be slightly colorblind but hopefully the kids will look at this and take the "what not to do" route.

Exhibit c:
Last but not least, I had to go shoe shopping this weekend. The principal dumped a bucket of cold, cold water the other day when discussing appropriate foot attire. Conclusion: no open toed shoes. Hello! That's almost my entire shoe collection! We live in the Hot Hot Heat! How will my toes survive the summer recess blocks?! Hence my Toms solution. I'm jumping on the Tom bandwagon a bit reluctantly but, considering their wide array of colors and closed toed style I may end up becoming a junkie.

It looks like with these three details, I'm mentally ready: 2nd grade, here we go!

*Tiffany, you called it!


Becca said...

Love your paper sack you! And love those Toms. I'm a Tom-knockoff owner, and LOVE the both of the pair I have.

Those kids are so lucky to have you! I'd send my future kids to you in two seconds flat. ;-)


Becca said...

PS. I also love the love connection. It's true, Disney says they are meant to be!

Tiffany and Patrick said...

love it!

Heidi said...

I hope your day went great! I love the Eric and Ariel nametags - they would be so cute together!

Let me know how the Toms go, I'm always very intrigued as to why they are so popular. (although the 16yr old girl inside me would love to prance around in the sparkly ones!)

Emily said...

Love it! Enjoy your new classroom (and lovely new Toms! I have a pair in that color as well!) :)