Sunday, June 26, 2011

8 weekends of summer, take 4

Where does the time go?! It's the last week of June. It's the last week of summer school. It's the first week of year two for my marriage. Wow.

Friday I came home to the sweetest thank you from the sweetest guy & gal. The collaboration with Agori Koritsi was so much fun! If you're intrigued, check out the movie. Mildred played a prominent role in the beginning, she's semi-famous now! Well. In my mind, anyway.

Hooray for our one year! Read all about our one year celebration, here.

And, finally: Sunday. The day to catch up on all the errands I had neglected during the week. But I was lucky enough to meet the cutest little hostess who provided us with tons of games, drinks and food for the evening. Movie/water dates are in our future, Annie!


Heidi said...

I love the picture of you guys holding the horray sign!

and I also love that your face shows true elation at documenting the moment with a picture and the cutest banner - while Fran's undertones seem to say "really, another picture?".

Or is that just me projecting Roy's usual sentiments? :)

Dahnya said...

Not projecting! It's the truth!

I think the elation came from the fact that he took at least 15 poses with the banner without a SINGLE complaint!! Must have been an anniversary gift on its own. This was actually the last shot Claudia took of us before I knew we had to wrap it up or he'd bust out with the, "another gd picture!? Woman!"

I've gotten good though. I usually have it down to 3 or 5 takes. It's so much easier when Doakes is not involved or the self-timer. Ugh. Our poor husbands.

Becca said...

Where _does_ the time go?? I bet you can remember almost every single day of the last year of high school, but the last year has been a blur and I remember merely bits and pieces. Insanity!

Games? Does this mean a game night is in Mildred's future? Perhaps a poker night, a Spades tourney, a Cranium-aganza? Mayhaps, permaybe?

PS. My word verification is iglad. Why yes, I sure am glad!

Emily said...

belated conrats! looks like you guys had a happy celebration. :)