Friday, July 1, 2011

june faves

Hey June, you went so fast. Took a hot month and made it hotter. Remember to to always turn up the AC, only then will it get better...better...better...yea. 

Food Network magazine: so helpful! I hate judging a magazine by its fun, flirty cover only to buy it and realize it literally is all fluff. Not the case with FN. I got tons of recipes off it, including the portabello dish Fran made for us. I sent off my little postcard for the subscription earlier this month and eagerly looking forward for the future issues.

Also, hooray for my banner. It was an etsy purchase for the wedding that in the frenzy of one month wedding planning was forgotten. Luckily, I remembered to use it this time around. Is it okay that I want to purchase one for every single occasion?

Rainbow cupcakes in honor of Gay Pride: way to go NY

My 2nd grade bulldogs (we're named after Yale's mascot, in honor of Doakes), aren't they cute & teeny? Or so they seem in comparison to my 4th graders until they drive me bonkers (instagram edited some out, oops). Also included the adults that are making the transition completely worth the super hard work- hurray for matching shirt days!

If you have not experienced the intensity of this show, prepare yourself. Take a sprinkle of LOTR, a dash of soap opera dramatics and a liberal splash of awesomeness and you will have  Game of Thrones. It is addicting. Each episode ends in a nerve-wracking-I-must-keep-watching-or-die high. Which means, you must be sure to carve out time to continue through a GT marathon because one episode is surely not enough. I'm just throwing it out there: my favorite character is definitely Ayra Stark. Yours?

Game of Thrones may be over (those 10 episodes went by much too quickly) but, July has a lot in store: including a REAL summer month long vacation! Mildred is awaiting updates and the G-clan is having a reunion, things are looking good. 


Emily said...

June did go by SO FAST. It feels like May was yesterday.

I LOVE Game of Thrones. Such a great show! (And book series too, says Will. I really need to read them.) My favorite characters are (because I can't pick just one): Daenerys, John Snow, Arya (of course!), and Tyrion.

Emily said...

Just realized all my fav characters are featured in your GoT picture. Coincidence?

Dahnya said...

Haha!! I put my favorite 4- although I'm not such a big fan of the white-haired lady (she's kind of stilted in her acting, no?) I do really like her storyline. I'm contemplating the books, as well. Except I hear they're insanely long & even more complicated than the show!

Becca said...

I love, love, love Arya. I want to BE her, haha. I cannot believe June is over, what a whirlwind!

I <3 new, great recipes! I need to make a cookbook to start keeping mine for quick reference!

On the note of the books, I have a friend who read the first one and she said it took awhile but then ultimately she really enjoyed it. And she does NOT strike me as the type of read these types of books. I may attempt to tackle them in the future!

Ana Paula said...

Did you make those cupcakes? My mouth waters for something new every week!!

Delena said...

Thanks to you and my bff I had to watch Game of Thrones. Thanks to the hookup for HBOGO, I was able to watch it all back to back...Tyrion is my favorite but because he is a smart ass like yours truly.

Darla said...

love the banner and the cupcakes!!

do you make up your cupcake deco ideas or look them up? i remember the ones you made for the french exam. you're so creative!