Tuesday, July 12, 2011

8 weekends of summer, take 5 & 6.

Sleeping in, eating, attempting to jog, shopping, pinterest...I wish July could extend itself for another few weeks. 

In the meantime happy belated birthday America! It was a lot of fun celebrating your birth. 

As far as weekend 6. I'm not ashamed to admit it: I was holed up inside Mildred clinking it up alongside Ms. Poehler & her kooky bunch. Thank you Netflix for allowing me to catch 3 seasons in one weekend. 

As for now, I am busy packing for the traditional NE beach trip. The G's, NYC, the beach and I'll get to wear a cardigan outdoors for a few days. 
Damn it, Houston. Simmer down! Please?


Danielle said...

I get e-mails with coupon codes, and the Walgreens specials are always on their website.

Emily said...

a) I <3 pinterest! I added you. :)

b) I need to catch up on Parks and Rec! I think I left off somewhere in season 2 ..

c) Enjoy your vacay, the NE is so beautiful this time of year!

Becca said...

Love the photos and _love_ that swimsuit!!

Heidi said...

I just discovered pinterest the other day!! Good luck with the running, we started running 1 month ago, set a goal.. and ran our first 5k on Saturday! It would be fun to do a 5k together! :)

Have fun on your vacation! I'm already looking forward to your pictures!

Danielle said...

You HAVE to try Phamily Bites! There is a reason there are no pictures of the food...some of the best egg rolls I have had!