Thursday, July 21, 2011

8 weekends of summer, take 7

After years of having Serendipity on my NYC bucket list, I finally got to devour their infamous frozen hot chocolates! It was so good. I will be honest, though. I was extremely disappointed in the food. Fran and I split a "summer bries" sandwich (to save room for dessert)- it was not great. On top of that, the waiter was rather cranky (and condescending "fries only come with burgers", jerk) with the restaurant itself being extremely small. It was also overflowing with Tiffany lamps. So much so that the two times I stood up, I bonked my head on the lamps each time. Klutz. 

 While the other days were leisurely spent on the beach with the G's. If I were to win the lottery today I think I would buy a beach house in the NE. I'm serious. Good food, good company, the beach and a good book: nothing compares. The beach house we stayed in had such cute touches throughout. Including fab wallpaper. If you look closely, you will notice the glitter! 

The best part was getting a chance to meet Claire Konkel! At two months old, she is the sweetest baby. Tons of gummy smiles and leg flailings, she's such a cutie.

As much as I liked getting out and about, there is something to be said about coming home. The moment I walked into Mildred there was an internal click and sigh. It sure does feel good to be home! Now, off to try and be productive...


Heidi said...

The pictures of you and Fran with Claire are priceless. so adorable!

Emily said...

I had the same reaction to the size of Serendipty! And, it is amazing how, even at 10pm, there are always lines of waiting patrons and a filled-to-the-brim upstairs dining area. The movies made it look so much larger!