Sunday, July 24, 2011

Running record, week 1

It's no secret I'm extremely lazy. I am definitely guilty of not following through on my goals (just check out my archives). I always seem to find something better to do whether it be read a book, catch up on blogs, shop- anything to avoid sweating. 

A Houston summer is a hard place to begin anything outdoors. But with my ever decreasing wardrobe and hyped up Doakes, I had to walk my talk. 

It's actually been three weeks since I started C25K. I heard about it a while back and downloaded the app but never used it until I saw this picture:
This was me last August in the Anthropologie fitting rooms trying on what was to be my birthday gift from Fran. I wore the dress once. 

When I think back to how I lost weight for the wedding, I cringe. It's so much sacrifice. So much work. But then I think of how good I felt and I realize, I have to do it. It took me 5 months to get into a size 6. That gives me time from now until Christmas. I can do this. 

Especially now when I have the cutest, most resilient running buddy:
(after one our grueling runs)

It makes me laugh to think that Fran & I adopted my running equal. Poor thing hates to run as much as I do. It gets to the point where halfway through our C25K workout, I'm having to drag him. As the timer on the session goes off, Doakes has gotten to the point where he knows it's time to run and this long suffering sigh emerges from within him. I then have to reassure him that we only have 5 more laps to go. 

It may sound a bit lame but I've been holding myself accountable on instagram. So that at the end of our session, I try to remember to snap a picture of Doakes & I at the end of our run. Sometimes it's a bit of a struggle because a certain lazy beast refuses to pose. 

There are 9 weeks in the program. Hopefully in 6 weeks, Doakes & I will be running more and huffing less. I'm not quite sure how to reward him but I do know that I'll be placing an order for either one of these bad boys
Not sure which one I love best but...coral has been my color as of late. 

Until then, I'll be channeling Mr. Gump!


Heidi said...

Yes! You can do it! I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever but Roy and I started the C25K mid-June and we finally built up to 5k! I'll have to wait to tell you in person what our next crazy plan is......

I'm planning on signing the 4 of us up for some 5k's that are coming up in October-ish so you better be ready!

Leila! said...

I've never heard of C25K! Thanks! I definitely want to look into this. I've given up on half of my pants because they fit too snuggly.

Francis said...

Heidi: I am so down! We need to hang out with you guys soon!