Sunday, November 27, 2011

absolutely nothing!

I had five days of doing absolutely nothing. Do you know how hard it is to try to motivate yourself to do something productive after lounging in your pjs, eating and watching movies for three straight days? It's almost impossible is what it is. But with 15 days until the two week break, these little mementos should make the time go smoother...

lovely purple hyacinths to cheer up Mildred's dining table

my attempt at a pinterest recipe that took so long it became lunch...(worth it)

my Doaksie boy proved himself to be even more of a wuss by being scared of my inflatable Hugsy

a lazy Sunday stuffed with Star & Community (obviously I am partial to Mr. Troy Barnes).

for 99 cent giggles, download the stache app: it will make your man seem rather dapper, no?

For the next week and a half I shall be knee deep "directing" the 2nd grade Christmas program. I'm not sure why I volunteered for this job...but stay tuned for updates. It's sure to be a fun experience. Or, if nothing else, lend itself to cute pictures of kids in elf costumes.


Delena said...

Ummm I love Community so much, had I known you loved them I would have invited you to my Communityathons at my cousins, they were awesome!

Murr said...

Can totally empathize with the lack of motivation over Thanksgiving. We had the hardest time doing anything those four days we had off, so lazy that we opted for paper plates so we wouldn't have to do dishes. Yeah, disgusting.

Your dog is seriously the cutest! I have a definite weak spot for scared-y dogs!

I'm excited to see & hear how the christmas concert goes!!! You're one brave woman!