Sunday, December 4, 2011

november faves

November, you went by much too quickly. But here's a short rundown of the month:

Hugsy, the bedtime Penguin Pal-- if you are a Friends fan, this needs no explanation. I found "Hugsy" at a JCPenny (of all places) about six years ago. I bought two. One for myself, one for Claudia. They only come out for Christmas, which makes him all the more special.

Other than the reappearance of Hugsy, the spirit of Christmas is all around! Highland Village, Rice Village, the Galleria...I love walking around the hordes of people simply to bask in the glow of twinkly lights. Call me lame, but this truly is the most beautiful time of the year. 

White fudge Oreos. Only sold from the month of November through early January. This creates an extremely toxic appeal because they are elusive for the other ten months of the year. Expect the "I'm such a chunk monster" blog post in a few weeks...self control be gone!

Mexican hot chocolate. You can buy it at El Bolillo or you can make your own at home. Just walk down your Mexi-aisle at the grocery store & look for the Abuelita brand. Best hot chocolate, ever.

Finally another fun app that I discovered this month, Shakeitphoto app. Not only does it take fun pictures, it also simulates Polaroid sounds along with the shaking of your "print". Surprisingly entertaining.

A few days into December & the countdown for the holidays is in full swing. NYC & the northeast await in less than two weeks! 

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Becca said...

You find the most fun apps! It almost *almost* makes me want to get an iPhone.


That tree is GORGEOUS! I haven't gone to the Galleria for Christmas shopping. I live by Memorial City Mall so that's my new go-to. But it looks STUNNING!