Sunday, December 11, 2011

bittersweet celebrations

With only a few more days until Christmas, my parents stopped by this afternoon to help lend a hand to take the 2011 pictures. After the "shoot" (I don't know what else to call it, don't judge) it hit us: I will not see them again until after Christmas! 

They leave for a wedding Guadalajara this week & won't be back until after Fran & I leave for CT. As excited as I am to experience a white (literal & figurative) Christmas up north, for 27 years December 24th has been spent in the company of my Garcia family. 

In any case, this afternoon we celebrated with the best frozen mimosas & gossip so, if nothing else here goes for every other year:

It's always fun going out with my parents thanks to their insatiable need to take pictures- now you know where I get the addiction from. Although, my dad takes THE most unflattering pictures on Earth.

And finally, with my dad's trademark Capt. Morgan pose. Feliz Navidad! *sniff*


Roxana said...

me parece increible, desde que naciste haz estado todas las navidades con nosotros :..(
Es la ley de la vida, Yo lo hize con mis Papas ahora a ti te toca esta nueva etapa de tu vida, se que nos extranaras mucho (jeje eso espero) pero a la vez tambien se que la pasaras increiblemente padre con tu nueva Familia y con una Navidad como debe de ser Blanca Navidad! Te Quiero Mucho y donde esten sabes que tienen mis Bendiciones y mi Amor x siempre Pandita, no te pongas triste :D nos veremos x Skype o x telefono ;)

Darla said...

oh my word, what a treat to catch up on your blog and see so many pretty colors and things! not to mention that your family seems like the sweetest! and balderdash! you look beautiful in your dad's pics; although i'm the same when anyone takes pics of me w/my dslr. the lens lets in tonsss of light.

hope you and fran have a merry white...white xmas! :)

Becca said...

1) Literal white xmas...HIGH-LARIOUS!
2) Captain Morgan pose, bahahaha!
3) Mmm, mimosa's. When's our next girl's brunch? :-)