Monday, January 9, 2012

biggest loser: kipp edition

Happy 2012! With a full week into the new year things have been steadily humming along. My resolutions aren't anything too original (or new, for that matter). Luckily work is helping to achieve the biggest of those resolutions by beginning a Biggest Loser as of Friday. With a $20 buy in, the jackpot for the winner will ready?

$280. Two hundred eighty dollars!

If that's not motivation (along with my too-tight-fatty pants) then I don't quite know what else will light a fire under my lardy butt. 

Not to toot my own horn but, my track record for winning these things is 2 for 2. I won the boot camp a few years back and I won the biggest loser at my old school two years ago. Apparently, I work well under pressure. Maintaining the victory is quite a different story, however. 

I've started a few things to try and kick things into high gear. For starters, and this may be cataloged as tmi, a friend recommended a detox kit to flush out all the toxins in my body (ie: Star Pizza, Beavers, frozen lunches). 
the kit is $16 at whole foods & while a bit skeptical, I am willing to give those hippie grocers a chance

Inside the box are these bottles. I am to take a handful of each for two weeks, morning and night. The requirements are to drink plenty of water and non-processed foods.Sounds relatively

In order to prepare I turned to my trusty pinterest boards and put together a list to help start off this week's menu:
breakfast, lunch & dinner: planned.

Day one's dinner consisted of corn chowder. According to the website, each cup is 200 calories. And...I'm not going to lie. I had three ladles-worth of soup. It was amazingly good. If you choose to recreate it, be warned. It took an hour to make- the ten minute simmer intervals added up. But it was the perfect meal for a rainy day. 

Other than planning out the menu, I have a plan for exercise. All courtesy of my new Wii & Zumba game! I would talk more about my new-found gamer persona but it's worthy of a solo entry. So, be prepared. 

Wish me luck, Biggest Loser ends in mid-April. Any advice, suggestions, encouragement will be welcome. Merci!


Oscar el Mexicano said...

Good luck in achieving your resolutions Pandi.



Emily said...

Good Luck! :)

Delena said...

You can do it!!!!! We can do it and don't forget listen to your body so you won't give up. Let me know about the cleansing thing!

Becca said...

I think I'm going to do this detox as well! Best of luck, D! 2 for 2 is an excellent record!