Tuesday, January 17, 2012

biggest loser: updates

It has been exactly one week since I began the cleanse & I have lost exactly one pound. Not very motivating. But, when I confess to the king size kit kat-cheese empanadas-hot chocolates- etc-, it sort of clicks. 

These are the pills I am taking on a nightly basis for another week. 

I may failing to resist refined sugars but, I have to give myself credit for one thing & that is home cooked meals. The recipes have been big enough portions that lunch has consisted of the leftovers which makes getting ready in the morning extremely easy. 

It's extremely difficult to tell but the blackened chunk above is actually coconut chicken. Surprisingly enough, crispiness & all, it was delicious! Definitely worth a second go-around. Except that I need to find a way to make it healthier because it involved frying the fowl in lots of olive oil which is not good, according to Jill Michaels & co.

The second attempt at healthiness was amazing! Eggplant, zuchini & feta cheese lasagna- no noodles. I was not very talented when it came to slicing the veggies (eggplant in particular) but I will be sticking this recipe into my permanent collection: not only was it relatively easy, it tasted even better the next day like any good lasagna should. 

*disclaimer, I was so happy munching my dinner that night, I forgot to snap a picture of the finished product.

Last is my attempt at lemon chicken. Sort of bland and...eh. Not bad. Just not great. If you try it, please let me know what you did to add some zest to this dish. 

Tomorrow is my first day back to zumba classes, let the dancing & gossip re-commence! 


Delena said...

Okay Jonathan made awesome lemon chicken, I will ask him for tips and email them to you! I know we would use lemon zest on it and garlic. We can do this Dahnya!!! I went to the grocery store, no fatty mcbutterpants foods in my fridge or pantry!

Emily said...

your dinners are inspiring! i know what you mean about slicing veggies. i cut butternut squash like french fries until i realized they needed to be rounds for my casserole. oops! luckily it tasted the same both ways!

Becca said...

Hooray for healthy meals! You're already a numba one stunna so keep it up, winner!