Sunday, February 19, 2012

all there is

Early in February, I stopped by Barnes & Noble to pick up a few books (none of which I needed, mind you). I can't even pinpoint which book I walked in to pick up but, it doesn't really matter because at this point of my life I have come to accept that walking into a bookstore means I will not leave without at least three books. 

All there is was on the table directly by the escalators- which sometimes caters the latest Nicholas Sparks or Stephen King, none of which are authors I tend to gravitate towards. But, this time, the title blurb "love stories from storycorps" caught my eye. 

If you listen to NPR, you are bound to have heard of them at some point in your commute. If not, take the time to add them onto your to do list, it is one of the most genuine-heart felt story telling I have ever heard. There's not been one session that I have not cried upon listening- whether it be in joy or sadness. 

Needless to say, I could not resist such a book. Especially with such a pretty cover. It's the perfect Valentine's Day wrapping a girl could ask for! 

pretty hearts, pretty fonts.

The book lay on my nightstand for a few weeks until this weekend, when I finally picked it up. 

It's a rather short book (151 pages) and I'm more than halfway through but, already, I know it's not only a keeper; it's a must re-read. There are so many poignant stories. Happy ones. Sad ones. Tragic ones. I have cried through most of it- but I keep ending each story with a little kernel of joy & another quote to inspire me. 

My favorite one continues to be the story of Elliot & Hunny (don't let the name ruin this for you). What Hunny says about love & marriage rung so true: 

"When two people get married, they say two people become one. No, I don't agree. Two people should remain two people but walk side by side. I've not become Elliot. Elliot has not become Hunny. We remain Hunny and Elliot."

Pearls of wisdom from an eighty year old Brooklyn lady that resonates so deeply in everything I hold dear in my relationship with Fran. There's so many more I could share but, I think if you're that intrigued, you need to either get your copy or borrow mine. 

Aside from stopping to share bits & pieces from my book to Fran, we made a belated valentine's day weekend of it by enjoying lentil soup from our favorite turkish restaurant (Istanbul): 
and then I dragged him to watch The Vow...

 which required a red velvet cupcake to replenish my busted eye ducts (damn you Rachel McAdams & your tearjerkers).



Unknown said...

I really enjoy listening to story corp on Fridays!! Esp the ones with mothers and their sons.

Emily said...

definitely adding story corp to my rotation! where is that cupcake from?

Becca said...

When I'm in the mood to cry I plan to find this book and devour it. :-D

Murr said...

Going to give it a read! I love those kind of books, have you read the book "Letters To Nancy" by Ronald Regan - even if you disagree with his political stance, it's one of the sweetest books - to see all the love he poured into his dear wife. :) Love it!

Ps - I tagged you in a little Q&A. Let me know if you do it!!