Sunday, February 5, 2012


This past week was not one of my best. 

I did cook some meals (tostadas & a repeat of the eggplant lasagna) however, my dear co-worker brought these:
and with such a pretty box, how could I say no?

Then, to top it all off, I discovered:
McD's coffee.

Not only is it cheap ($2), it is also conveniently located en route to work. So, when I find myself struggling to wake up, treating myself to a non-Keurig coffee helps make getting my ass to school a lot easier. 

Unfortunately, this also means piling on a few unnecessary calories. 

Let's hope this week goes better. I have reinstalled the C25K app onto my phone in the hopes that restarting my summer jogs will get my butt in shape. I keep hearing about all these fun 5Ks (including running with Mickey or through paint, here's looking at you, Del!) and I cannot do that if I'm wheezing up stairs, can I? If I managed to complete the program through 100+ heat, I can certainly do it in the cold! 


Delena said...

What I want to do that color run now! I think I am going to do my friend's 5k walk for her orchestra. Hey don't worry about "failing" you just had a mini lapse but remember this is a marathon not a sprint! So you will have to "rest" from time to time but you keep "running" towards the finish line

Becca said...

Oooooh my gosh, I would absolutely run a 5K if it involved THAT!

Hmm Austin and Dallas, but no Houston...field trip! Oh drat, they just ran the Austin one and the Dallas one is brunch day. NEXT YEAR! You + me, let's do this thing. Running a 5K is on my bucket list anyhow, :-D.

Also, D, you must have your weak moments to know how to be strong. Indulging on occasion is necessary, in my opinion. We'd be a bunch of skinny, cranky, angry people if we didn't do this. I'd rather be slightly rounded, jovial and happy with a cookie in my hand once a week or sashaying through Starbucks.

Just saying. :-)

Emily said...

one of the researchers in my department brings two dozen donuts every friday. he is the bane of my existence! if you want a fast-walking partner (running is not in my blood) while you jog, let me know! :)