Sunday, January 29, 2012

dining & wining

I am a sucker for pretty (or interesting) packaging. Especially when it comes to things I am extremely ignorant about such as, wine. I know nothing about the tanins (talons? talins? too lazy to wikipedia this term). Give me a pretty bottle and I'll be happy. I'll be even happier if it's light and fruity, hence my love for moscato. 

However, lately, I've been venturing out a bit:
Beautiful teal riesling by the Hollywood Sofia Coppola (tart) but would make a great addition to any open house basket

fun font chardonnay 

cute, funky elephants (red wine, not my favorite)

cake! with a neat picture

I'm going to continue my hunt. If you find any other ones, send those recommendations my way! 

Otherwise, my healthy dining this week took a bit of a downturn over the weekend thanks to the Houston Streats truck & their pulled pork mac & cheese sandwich:
d-aaaa-mn that was g-ooo-d. 

in addition to their parmesan truffle fries...I was not very good about sticking to "healthy" options that night.

In an effort to soothe my fatty (and alcoholic) binge, I have been snacking on pineapples. 
(with a dash of mexican tajin to spice things up!)

Luckily my "fry"-day night was not a complete destructive avalanche: I've lost five pounds. Hopefully an extra dose of zumba-ing & walking with Doakes will up the weight loss ante this week because weigh in is Friday! 


Emily said...

love me the sofia coppola wines. the pink sparkling wine is fun for a special occasion!

lately, i've been picking up the junebug moscato at target. it's a good bargain, tastes yummy, AND has a pretty label! :)

Delena said...

I don't have any clues about wine and I have been on many winery tours and still don't know. Does it taste good and make me boozy, I LOVE IT. Luckily I have a friend who I can contact and ask him what pairs well with what, you need to befriend someone like that!