Sunday, March 4, 2012


(anyone else think of divine when that word comes up?)

limited edition oreos (omg)

old UST haunts

and sweet, surprise treats from the hubs 

have led to me not losing any weight. By some miracle, I haven't gained any pounds either but...with swimsuit season right around the corner and my attempt to try to fulfill my goals needs some redirecting. Therefore, I went out and bribed myself with bright colors & new kicks:

I've got a sweaty date with Doakes, Fran and the pavement early tomorrow morning. Woo.


Delena said...

Sweet Jeebus! Birthday Oreos! A-D-M,(it's OMG in spanish)ha! yeah I got myself new walking shoes so I can be inspired and it works. I fast walk everyday with Jonathan!

Becca said...

Whaaaaat are those?????? I am going to the grocery store RIGHT NOW!