Thursday, May 24, 2012

Movie Monday (belated)

As a mid-week treat I met up with Heidi & our boys to indulge in "gourmet" tex-mex. Created by the Reef chef (Bailey's shake!) El Real had some pretty high expectations to live up to. Mind you, my puffy taco had nothing on Heidi's plate (chalupas) but I will certainly be heading back for my adult milkshake fix.

The purpose of our double date? His & hers movies. The boys went off to see Thor (which, fyi, was apparently a let-down) while we went into SOBO. The movie we'd been waiting two years to watch! 
Verdict? I cannot give a one dimensional answer. It's not a light, romantic comedy. Although John Krasinski (aka Jim, from the Office) is hilarious and was fully capable of providing much needed comedic relief. However, it's such a gray area (best friend sleeps with best friend's fiance)- you're torn! 

Do you feel sympathy for the cheats? Do you feel sorry for the bitchy best friend? Do you want a happy ending? Do you want them to be found out? Ah! I was pulled back and forth in absolute emotional agony. 

I think that if you have read the book, watching the movie is a great continuation. But, if you haven't, it may seem a bit far-fetched, and well, silly. So, my recommendation? Read the book. Watch the movie. You won't be sorry! 

PS: I would like a reason to glam up a la Salma. Those waves. The dress. The ruby lips. Gorgeous.

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Delena said...

I saw Thor, it was awful but tell Fran The Avengers was awesome. I love John Krasinski, I loved him in Away We Go with Maya Rudolph. I liked the scene in Something Borrowed where they danced and the girl who was all over John who was all into gay rights when he said he was gay, lol. Side note she is Victoria from HIMYM, OMG have you caught up on that, I think you need to!