Monday, August 6, 2012

homemade frozen yogurt

In an attempt to not invade Yogurtland more than twice a week, I attempted to make froyo at home this week and the result was awesome.

  • 2 cups of greek yogurt
  • honey (about three tablespoons, I was eyeballing it)
  • frozen fruit (this time I used cherries)
Blend the three ingredients together. Pour the result into tupperware that can be frozen for about four hours. The only downfall to this recipe is there's no immediate gratification.

After impatiently waiting for the mixture to harden, scoop...

and serve!

I've been growing mint on my kitchen counter for a few days now & added the leaves as garnish without taking out when I started eating. The mint was such a great addition! I think the next time I try the recipe (which won't be for a while because the quantities I used will last for at least a week) I'll be sure to add in a few leaves to the blender for a cool kick. 


Becca said...

Aren't you a smart cookie! *steals idea*

Jess said...

I can't believe how easy this is to make! Looks like I've got a new project this afternoon......

Delena said...

I am going to make this! Done and Done!