Sunday, August 26, 2012

first day jitters

Going into my seventh year of teaching, I still can't seem to rid myself of the night before jitters. Butterflies in my stomach, constantly going through the "will they like me?" or (more importantly), "will I like them"? 

It's been a blur the past two weeks. I went from nonchalantly applying to full on immersion into professional development and meeting the new teachers at the school. The past two weeks had me jumping from one building to another and busily preparing a room for a subject I've yet to teach: dual language. I am excited by the concept but slightly nervous I am heading into something beyond me: STAAR in two languages. 

Currently though, I am infatuated with the building I shall be teaching in. It was built in 1938 and has gracefully preserved much of its vintage charm. Including the most beautiful wood, glass fronted cabinets in my classroom! 

Cleaning out the classroom took a few days of manual labor. It went from this:

To this:

Even then, I am still not finished. I was rather spoiled by having my own building key at KIPP. At the new school I am constrained to a tight schedule that does not accommodate for me running across town whenever I ran out of punch out letters (hence the bare boards). 

The past few days have had me fondly remembering the students of the past (um, is there a way to phrase this where it doesn't sound so hokey?) and I am eagerly awaiting to meet the latest bunch. I am looking forward to putting forth a pinterest idea into play the first week. As always, I lament that I didn't have the opportunity to know of this project in the past because I think of a few students in particular and I know the "museum me" would have generated some awesome results! In any case, here is my prototype- joyfully made with Marshall, Lily & Barney gabbing in the background. Which may explain my halting Spanish. 

I will definitely need to brush up on my Spanish writing skills! It's amazing how much will go without practice. 

To all those venturing into a new year: I wish you the best of luck! May you go into it with open hearts and open minds. For those of you two weeks into the meat of things, keep you head up: it's bound to be a good year!

PS: Without a doubt, GIANT props have to be given to my husband. Not one summer has he ever shown the slightest waver in his enthusiasm to help me transform rooms. If not for his help (and power tools), it would never be done quite the same way!

Update: this morning I didn't hear my alarm go off. Panic attack, city. Luckily with my three minute commute I made with time to spare but, sheesh! Early heart palpitations are not fun. And, for my own mental sanity, academics finally look to be coming into the room. I'm excited, the kids today were super sweet & eager to please!


Angela Marie said...

Wow what an amazing transformation! I would love to sit in that big yellow chair all day, it's so amazing. Best of luck to you, you and your husband seem like such amazing people so I am sure you will have an amazing year and your kids will love you! :)


Becca said...


Que bueno!!!!

Kim Pursch said...

Your school is so charming! I love the building! Good luck this semester. Even though we miss you down here, the kiddos up there are lucky to have you!

Angela Marie said...

Dahnya! I do not know how to reply on blogspot haha, but I am going to study Business hopefully at UT. I would like to own a business or manage a big company :)
I am sure you'll find a cute way to wear something similar to mine! I want to see it! :)

Jess said...

New classes and classrooms are so fun but stressful! I had to get a new room together this year too, and I have really limited space and the time constraint as well *sigh* But I love that cabinet/hutch you added to your room! I could use one of those in mine! Hope you have a great school year!

Jess said...

PS That yellow chair rocks my face off