Thursday, September 13, 2012

fifteen days later & a whole bunch of tmi's

September marks the third month we have been in Fort Worth.

In that time the highlights include:

  • Me losing ten pounds! Being poor & not being able to go out for drinks/food/starbucks/ice cream will do that to you.
  • Building up my jogging stamina. As of today I have officially run 29 miles. Not at once. Just over the past few weeks. 
  • Meeting my new students (seriously, some of them already have me wrapped around their finger)
  • Long talks at the dinner table with the hubs, these have been pretty awesome ranging anywhere from dogs to Obama to education to art to LOTR 
So, yep. Things are progressing well. I think once we acclimate to getting paid ONCE A MONTH (I realize I am cyber shouting but are these accounting people for real?) things may get a little less stressful. Moving from one end of the state to the other on one income sucks. 

Granted, Fran and I were financially challenged to begin with but these past few months have completely put us on the endangered list. It was ironically funny (I guess) sitting on the couch listening to the First Lady talk about the Obama's first dates in a rusty-hole-ridden vehicle when thinking about Santo (Fran's truck) and our current bank status. Call me stupid but, no, economically I am not better off than I was four years back. Nonetheless, I do not blame the government for this. Rather myself and my spendthrift ways. 

But, to steer back from that random tangent, I truly hope that by the end of this month I'll finally be able to venture back to Houston. I miss everything about the city: family, friends, job. You name it, I miss it. Homesickness has truly set in. I think a visit may help ease the ache. At the moment Fort Worth is just not nearly as cool. 

Until then, I will continue my ten dollar yoga stress relief Target DVD, bombing myself with Deep Woods bug repellent and attempting to avoid psl's magnetic temptation. 


Kim Pursch said...

Hang in there! It will be worth it in the long run and these times will totally make you smile when you look back at them!

Thankfully you have such a great hubs you can have those fun dinner convos with :)

We miss you!

Delena said...

Awww I know how you feel. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! I miss Houston too. It had been my home since I was eighteen years old. In time you will grow to love your new place of residence, it just TAKES TIME! That is the part that sucks but you are so positive and outgoing before you know it you will have awesome new pals drinking wine gossiping about Britney Spears's outfit on the X factor.

Jess said...

moving and newness are hard. even if you had moved to Hawaii or Paris, it would still be hard. (although, it would be pretty awesome if you could come back to H-Town!) I'm starting a new job too and it's hard getting acclimated to the new people and environment. sounds like your making the best of it though with your hubby and your long dinner convos!

PS Have you been to Joe T Garcia's yet? It is my absolute most favorite place in the whole entire world. Be sure to go at night and eat outside. It's pure magic and the margaritas are amazing!

Becca said...

My friend! Congratulations on the weight loss (albeit stemming from not so great circumstances; silver lining!)!

I have no doubt you guys will adapt and adapt well! I fully anticipate bouncing back stronger than ever. Your relationship is only growing stronger with Fran, which is a very beautiful thing!

Hope Doakes is well and...well, what's the house's name?

Hopefully I can visit in the fall! Get READY!!!!