Sunday, September 23, 2012

eye matter

Is it just me or does your makeup bag seem to run out of its essentials at the same time? I'm running low on tinted moisturizer & concealer, even though I just went on a Sephora trip a little over a week ago. Walking into Sephora is one of my favorite things to do in the world. Perfume, lip gloss, nail polish, make up, it's a girl's world! The sales girls are always sweet and are truly helpful, too. 

For the past few months I had noticed that my eyes were looking a bit tired & the skin around them seemed darker than normal. At first I thought it was just me being overly vain but when I read one of my favorite bloggers used eye cream to brighten her eyes, I thought it would be worth a shot. In my book eye cream is for old ladies but with my big 3-0 birthday looming rather close, I figure prevention is never a bad thing.

Since I walked into Sephora with little research under my belt, I decided to ask the girl for advice. She went above and beyond to help. She went through and showed me the different brands they carried. When she noticed I seemed more drawn to one than another, she'd go squirt a generous amount into the sample tubs and label it for me. I walked out with three samples & an alliteration trio. Boscia ($38), a Benefits one ($32, such pretty packaging) and Bremenn ($58, yikes). 

As of today I have only sampled one, Boscia. 

I feel I have been pretty good about using it nightly. Probably because I really have seen results. The dark circles under my eyes seem a lot more faint. A friend had told me when she started using eye cream, it got to the point where she no longer has to use concealer (lucky!) and while I am not quite there, I will say that it's close. 

I'm waking up in the mornings and seeing that my eyes are not as puffy, clearer and more alert. It's pretty awesome.

I realize that my three brand sampling is going to be slightly tainted since I'm about to start testing out eye cream number two (in all likelihood it'll be the benefit one) with my eyes a bit lighter than when I first started but I am hoping to see that the results will continue, if not increase with use. Do you have any recommendations?


Becca said...

I am a HUGE proponent of eye creams!!!

I've been using one for years now and I can definitely tell whenever I run out of the stuff!

I use Arbonne (it's great) and the White Tea Origins one (also great). Just for thoughts on other ones to try.

Miss you, my friend!

Angela Marie said...

I went to Sephora to get some samples today! Sadly, they only had the Boscia one at the Sephora at Memoral City Mall :( but the lady recommended the Origins one so I am going to try that one out too :)

I'm so excited!