Sunday, October 7, 2012

the newbies

If you had asked me a few weeks ago how my new school was treating me, I would have told you to suck it.

I'm not kidding.

I was hating on it. Big time. Building-smchuilding. I was longing for all my old 2nd graders and co-workers to be back with me. Besides that the first month of school is always the hardest. As exciting as new school supplies and students can be, you also have to start fresh: reteach routines, expectations, etc.

But then it hit me: this year I have a class of fourteen students.

If you're not in the education world, know this: a class of fourteen is unheard of in public schools. A class of fourteen is a unicorn. A teacher's dreamland.

As the days progress, I am consciously holding my breath waiting for something to happen. I have never been so blessed. Not only is the class remarkably small, they are also one of the sweetest most eager to please groups I have ever worked with.



driving up to the school never fails to bring a smile to my face: it's just too pretty!

I am also little by little getting to know my co workers & their funny quirks. Thus far my favorite of their traditions are Fridays, it's not five o'clock somewhere with them. It's four o'clock & I love it (and my tasty margaritas with a side of gossip).


Becca said...

Yay! I'm so glad to hear good things!

You're fabulous at everything so I'm sure your students are having an amazing year, too!

Delena said...

Yay I may not be a teacher but my mom and mom-in-law are in education and having a small class is unheard of in public education. Right now my mom-in-law has 30 plus kids in her second grade class. And she said that was a small class! Yikes.