Monday, October 8, 2012

bieber believer

In the midst of the move from Houston to Fort Worth my skin grew ragged.

I'm talking full out teenage nightmare zit storms.

It could have been stress.
It could have been the change in scenery.
No matter the reasoning my skin was truly an embarrassment!

For the longest time I was using the blue bottle Neutrogena facial wash both in the morning & evening. It kept my face relatively clear. But, when the eruptions began, it was failing big time.

The mall near the house here in FW has an automatic proactiv dispenser. One day in August, I took a $30 gamble on one of their trial sets.

It has been two months that I have been diligently using the kit and, I'm ready to star in one of their commercials. I know I sound idiotic but, it's true! Also, brace yourself for some vanity shots. But, in defense of my vanity, I am attempting to make you a believer (although, I do not have a before...I didn't think to snap a pic because I truly didn't think this would help):

here is my non-oily, clear skin with makeup

and, once again, at the end of a work day with my makeup long since worn off: oil free, pimple free!

While I do have the occasional break out, it's nothing major & usually around my jawline (in all likelihood due to hair product residue. But, other than that my skin is shine free & super soft. I'm also super impressed by how long the 30 day trial kit has lasted. I use it every day, morning & night. I just recently ran out of the toner but otherwise still going strong with the cleanser & night gel.

I hope that the proactiv miracle will continue and if you were by any chance looking to try new facial products: know that I am advocating for the Bieber line all the way.

I only hope I don't jinx myself by posting this...


Becca said...

Honey, you look GOOD!!!!!!!

And I know you sometimes hate it but boy do I love your hair!!!

Looking forward to many more pictures! Go for look stunning!

Jess said...

NICE! I used to use proactiv as a kid/teenager. Mine always gets worse right when my period is about to start (hope thats not TMI, we're all girls here, right?). But I will say the Houston humidity vs. the dryer temperatures in Dallas could be playing an effect as well.

ps-can you send me your e-mail? I always want to reply to your comments but I'm not sure how! mine is jbonassin @ gmail (dot) com