Sunday, January 22, 2012

biggest loser: first weigh in

The first official weigh in for biggest loser was Friday. The one pound I had lost, came back. I ended up staying stagnant. It could be worse- I could have gained a pound. The funny thing is that Saturday morning, I weighed myself & saw I had lost 5 pounds. What the hell?

In other news, I tried two new recipes this week & they were both really good. 

First up, black bean quesadillas
The pictures look so unappetizing but, believe me. It was delicious! Black beans, feta cheese, tomatoes, corn, avocado...together they made the perfect quesadilla. We had enough left over that Fran & I had it for lunch for the next two days. Keep in mind, I took a few liberties with the original recipe (i.e. substituted the goat cheese for feta & added in the avocado). 

The other recipe was baked chicken parmesan:

Be prepared! This dish, while good, was time consuming. You can see my stove at full steam up above- and that's not even taking into account the other station I had set up to coat the chicken breasts. It was hearty and paired up very nicely with a salad. Just not a good dish to attempt in the middle of the work week when you're running behind & starving. 

Finally, confession. This was pancake weekend. So much for creating healthy breakfasts, huh?
I met an extremely sweet lady this weekend who recommended I try the green monster smoothie for breakfast in lieu of my typical breakfast taco (or banana when I wake up late). I'm very curious as to what it will taste like, since it does include a cup of spinach but she was adamant that the overpowering taste will be the banana. So, we shall see. I'll let you guys know how that goes next time. 

In the meantime, can I just point out how much I hate taking pictures without natural light? The dishes never look as appetizing without it. 


Emily said...

Yummy! Thanks for sharing these recipes. I'm going to add them to my need-to-try list! :)

Oscar el Mexicano said...

Felicidades Pandi, 5 libras en una semana? Se ven ricas las quesadillas, pero que es com?

Beso, bendiciones y feliz semanita

Becca said...

I've started putting frozen spinach in my smoothie too and I can't taste it in the slightest. Pineapple tends to be the strongest flavor in mine. Yay smoothies!

I need to detox from my 5-day birthday spree of celebrations!

Delena said...

I know we tend to go by poundage as a measure of weight loss but also think about inches, its all about your fattymcbutterpants getting looser! So think of it that way. Keep it up Lady!!!! Going to try your quesadilla recipe! I found an awesome lo-carb wheat tortillas at Trader Joe's, they need those in Houston!